Perfection and harmony

SWISS HD is synonymous for top precision. That means an eye for detail and a meticulous finish, combined with a superlative sound experience. True to our name, all our products are made exclusively in Switzerland.

Home is a place of comfort, relaxation, personal entertainment and enjoyment ... We spend many valuable and peaceful hours of our lives here to recharge our batteries for the stresses of everyday life. Harmony and quality are the elixir of life, the well from which we drink to ensure a positive attitude, creativity and high performance in our everyday challenges.

Boundless elegance

SWISS HD furniture fits seamlessly into the ambiance of our homes. The straightforward design and minimalist lines are timeless and elegant. Everything is thought out to perfection – no cables mar the purist design, the colour selection is virtually endless and the overall look will remain attractive and on trend for decades to come.

You decide the length, depth and height of your furniture. You select the finish. Choose between a premium quality resin or a custom coating in high gloss, super matt or glass – your creativity drives us.

Super-matt (standard)

Varnish (NCS or RAL colors)

Real wood oak

Swiss quality

SWISS HD is synonymous for quality in the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance, every detail is sophisticated and supremely functional. The high quality finish underlines long term sophistication. The kind of quality that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.

Yes, we are perfectionists. And we are proud of that fact. It is that very quality that sets us apart from our competitors. It is reflected in the perfectly incorporated hinges and the particularly high quality drawer systems, the completely dust-free coating or the perfect transitions, mitred to exactly 45 degrees.

Your concert hall at home

SWISS HD is an unambiguous commitment to high definition. An entertainment unit that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and makes every movie watched an exhilarating experience. The loudspeakers are by the renowned Swiss high-end manufacturer ROWEN.

SMART HiFi ensures the kind of operating comfort you’ll never want to do without. The Audio Sensing Control function autonomously switches the amplifier to the source of the music signal. You can choose the amplifier you want from the entire range of performance classes.


SWISS HD knows no limits. ENSEMBLE allows you to combine any and all the components you want. Create made-to-measure furniture with the exact functions you want and in the colours you want. And best of all: the modular design allows later additions and modifications. Now is the time to make your dreams come true.


SWISS HD is synonymous for purest enjoyment. SCENE sets the stage for superior entertainment – it is in itself a breathtaking design for connoisseurs. The fully integrated high-end speakers transform your living room into a concert hall with perfect acoustics.


SWISS HD guarantees the best entertainment even where there is not much space. The AV-Board is the ideal solution as a compact audio/video system and individually customizable in height (from 90cm) and width (from 83cm) for TV's from 43" - 85". The integrated Stage 2 speaker system is based on the Ensemble 2 with additional ambient radiation for better spatial imaging. The AV board has room for a small amplifier.


SWISS HD can do much more. We furnish your living room, starting with the salon table made to measure and perfectly matched to your furniture in terms of colour.


SWISS HD promotes individualism in interior design. You have a completely free hand in terms of how you want to design your furniture. Create a unique piece in terms of colours and materials to reflect your individual taste.